Lipid Metabolism: MCQ on Lipid Transport, Lipoproteins and related disorders

Multiple Choice Question on Lipid and Lipoprotein Metabolism

1) Which of the following molecule is not a gluconeogenic substrate?
a) alanine
b) oxaloacetate
c) glycerol
d) acetyl-CoA

2) Obesity has been considered as an excess accumulation of body fat, and what is the cut-off value of BMI to consider as obese?
a) 25 to 30
b) 30.5 to 34.9
c) >35
d) >40

3) The highest phospholipids content is found in …
a) Chylomicrons
c) LDL
d) HDL

4) The class of lipoproteins that is beneficial to atherosclerosis is …
a) Low-density of lipoproteins
b) Very low-density lipoproteins
c) High-density lipoproteins
d) Chylomicrons

5) Genetic deficiency of lipoprotein lipase cause hyperlipoproteinemia of the following type:
a) Type I
b) Type IIa
c) Type IIb
d) Type V

6) Activated lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase is essential for the conversion of ...
a) VLDL remnants into LDL
b) Nascent HDL into HDL
c) HDL2 into HDL3
d) HDL3 into HDL2

7) Zellweger’s syndrome is associated with abnormality of
a) Nonessential fatty acid metabolism
b) Essential fatty acid metabolism
c) cholesterol metabolism
d) Lipoprotein metabolism

8) Tangier disease is a disorder of lipoprotein metabolism. The phenotype corresponds to
a) Low level of VLDL
b) Low level of LDL
c) Low level of IDL
d) Low level of HDL

9) Although ketogenesis occurs in hepatocytes it cannot utilize ketone bodies. It is due to deficiency of the enzyme
a) Thiokinase
b) Thiophorase
c) Thiolase
d) Thiolyase

10) Fatty acid oxidation is regulated by malonyl CoA. The malonyl CoA inhibits
a) The entry of fatty acid into the cell
b) Activation of fatty acid to fatty acyl CoA
c) Shuttling of fatty acyl CoA to mitochondria
d) Dehydrogenation of fatty acyl CoA to enoyl CoA

Multiple Choice Answers
1-d) Acetyl-CoA
2-c) 35
3-d) HDL
4-c) High-density lipoproteins
5- b) Type IIa
6-d) HDL3 into HDL2
7-b) Essential fatty acid metabolism
8-d) Low level of HDL
9-b) Thiophorase
10-c) Shuttling of fatty acyl CoA to mitochondria