About Us

We have created this blog page to empower the student with the concepts of integrated biomedical sciences. The biomedical sciences vastly expanding and the knowledge of the basic concepts of biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, genetics, immunology, becoming important to understand physiology, disease pathology, disease diagnosis, and treatment. Discovering the diagnosis or treatment tools require an understanding of these basic concepts and applying them in an integrated manner.

Let’s take an example: Gene therapy is a method that can permanently treat any genetically modifiable diseases. The integrated understanding of the biochemistry and pathology of the disease, molecular biology, genetics, molecular virology, cell biology etc. allowed me to envision the concept and made it to reality.

Goal and mission:
a) To provide basic learning tools for students of biomedical studies including biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, physiology, and medicine.
b) To provide scientific knowledge and reach the enthusiast learner of basic and clinical research

We adopt the state-of-art education system and teaching modules that are derived based on Blooms taxonomy which includes domains such as memorizing facts, stimulating analytical and critical thinking. This enables the student to correlate the concepts and also assist construct novel work.

The contents included in this blog range from the basic concepts, case studies, and advanced research commentaries. The teaching modules include
· short 5-6 minutes lecture video about the topics,
· Multiple choice questions,
· Clinical case and correlations etc.
· Emerging ideas on the field.

Target Audience:
The content of this website is freely available and open to the public and relevant to the
· medical students,
· general biology students
· biomedical scientist
· laboratory medicine students
· biochemist, molecular biologist, the microbiologist
· researchers from around the globe.