Lipid Metabolism: MCQs

Multiple Choice Question on Lipid Metabolism

1) The following require cholesterol EXCEPT
a) Bile acid synthesis
b) Steroid hormone synthesis
c) Membrane fluidity
d) Thyroid hormone synthesis

2) Which of the following lipid act as lungs surfactant?
a) Phosphatidylcholine
b) Phosphatidylethanolamine
c) Ceramide
d) Phosphatidylinositol

3) Which of the following is simple lipid?
a) Lecithin
b) Fatty acid
c) Triacylglycerol
d) Steroids

4) All of the following is complex lipids, except
a) Phosphatidic acid
b) Cerebroside
c) Cardiolipin
d) Cholesterol

5) Which of the following is essential fatty acid?
a) Linolenic acid
b) Arachidonic acid
c) Oleic acid
d) Palmitic acid

6) Bile acid is derived from:
a) Cholesterol
b) Amino acids
c) Fatty acids
d) Bilirubin

7) Which of the following lipid is mostly present in mitochondrial membranes?
a) Lecithin
b) Cephalin
c) Cardiolipin
d) Ceramide

8) Insulin enhances the uptake of triacylglycerols in adipose tissues. Which of the following enzyme is activated that facilitates the uptake?
a) Hormone-sensitive lipase
b) Lipoprotein lipase
d) Apo C-II

9) Familial hypercholesterolemia is a genetic disorder of lipid metabolism. The defect lies in
a) Transport of cholesterol from extrahepatic tissue to the liver
b) Impairment of cholesterol degradative pathway
c) Impairment of uptake of cholesterol by tissues
d) Impairment of HDL metabolism due to deficiency of Apo-A

10) Which of the following inhibits acetyl CoA carboxylase- a rate-limiting enzyme of fatty metabolism?
a) Citrate
b) ATP
c) Malonyl CoA
d) Acyl CoA

Multiple Choice Answer Review

1-d) Thyroid hormone synthesis
2-a) Phosphatidyl choline
3-c) Triacylglycerol
4-d) Cholesterol
5-a) Linolenic acid
6-a) Cholesterol
7-c) Cardiolipin
8- b) Lipoprotein lipase
9-c) Impairment of uptake of cholesterol by tissue
10­-d) Acyl CoA