MCQs on Sterilization and Disinfection - Decontamination, aseptic processes in laboratory and hospitals

MCQ on Bacterial genetics

Acid Capture Elution (ACE) Method For Mitigating Drug Interference in ADA Assay

Anti-drug Antibody Assay Development For Bispecific Antibody (T cell Engagers)

Step-wise Procedure to Optimize BEAD Method for Anti-drug Antibody Assay

Immunology: MCQ on Complement Pathway

Drug for treatment of Musculoskeletal Disorder: MCQ

Molecular Biology: Protein Synthesis (Translation) & Lac Operon

MCQ on Microorganisms Associated With Cancer


MCQ on Rickettsiae and zoonotic diseases- gram negative bacteria

Principle of Chromatography: Ion Exchange, Size Exclusion and Affinity Chromatography

Preparation of Surrogate Positive Control to assess Sensitivity of Antidrug Antibody Assay