Agilent Agilent Rapid Fire HTS Technology for Determination of Serum Biomarkers (Amino Acids) For Gene Therapy

Agilent RapidFire 400

The Agilent RapidFire 400 is an integrated autosampler for ultrafast sample cleanup based on automated solid-phase extraction (SPE) and introduction to mass spectrometry. Designed for highest-throughput laboratories, the large capacity, temperature-controlled, 1536 well-plate handling robot allows unattended weekend operation with sample injection times as short as 8 seconds. RapidFire 400 builds on successful previous models, combining more than 14 years of high-throughput mass spectrometry innovation.

This system provides reliable high throughput and accurate measurements for the qualification of drug targets like automated ADME in discovery, compound binding assessment, elucidation of metabolic processes, the discovery of novel metabolomics targets, and much more. Fully controlled by a single PC, the RapidFire 400 can be combined with any Agilent LC/Q-TOF or LC/TQ, while integrating the Ultivo LC/TQ into the system dramatically reduces the footprint of the autosampler and mass spec combination.

  • Studying ADME for drug discovery
  • Measurement of Phenylalanine and Tyrosine for PKU Gene Therapy (Homology Therapeutics)
  • Study posttranslational modification of proteins 
Ahmed et al, 2020, Methods and Clinical Development

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