Targeted Enrichment & Mutation Analysis using Illumina Sequencing Platform (Short Reads ~300 bps)

MiSeq System 

Technical Specification
The MiSeq System offers the first DNA-to-data sequencing platform, integrating cluster generation, amplification, sequencing, and data analysis into a single instrument. The MiSeq benchtop instrument utilizes a double-sided, single-lane flow cell and reagent cartridge supplied in kit form. Sequencing is performed by recording the synthesis of DNA strands in clusters of sample templates attached to the flow cell. The MiSeq System leverages Illumina sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology, the most widely used, next-generation sequencing chemistry worldwide. With the power of next-generation sequencing (NGS) delivered in a compact footprint, the MiSeq System is the ideal platform for rapid and cost-effective genetic analysis.

The combination of rapid library preparation and the MiSeq System delivers a simple, accelerated turnaround time. The library may be prepared in just 90 minutes with Nextera™XT library prep reagents. The automated clonal amplification, sequencing, and quality-scored base calling make a fast run time of 5.5 hours on the MiSeq.

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