Analytical Platform Review: FPLC and UHPLC For Protein Purification and Characterization

Fast Performance Liquid Chromatography (FPLC) & High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

AKTA avant (GE Healthcare)

Technical Specification
ÄKTA avant is a preparative chromatography system intended for method and process development. ÄKTA avant systems have two versions with different flow rate/pressure designed for screening and method optimization, and scaling up to larger columns.

Advantage of AKTA Avant

  • ÄKTA avant together with UNICORN software provides a platform for efficient process development
  •  Design of Experiments (DoE), an experimental design tool, provides time and cost savings by capturing more precise information in fewer experiments 
  • Integrated fraction collector with cooling functionality protects purified samples
  • Automatic on-line buffer preparation using BufferPro reduces the time required for buffer blending and manual titration, increasing your productivity 
  • UNICORN software provides intuitive and flexible method creation, system control, and evaluation to simplify your purification task


ÄKTA™ go is a small and compact liquid chromatography system that allows researchers to perform routine protein purification with ease while allowing for efficient use of bench and cold cabinet space
Routine protein purification fitted into a compact system. 

Advantage of AKTA Avant
  • Intuitive method creation in minutes and interactive process picture for maximum control and easy access to manual controls even during method runs. 
  • Proven design of ÄKTA systems and UNICORN software combined with prepacked columns and resins for reliable operation and trusted results in protein purification. 

Nexera X3 (40-Series) UHPLC System (Shimadzu)

Technical Specification
Nexera X3 excels in high throughput environments requiring fast separations. The system easily handles small ID UHPLC columns with sub-2 micron particles for high-efficiency chromatography. Five minute run times are the norm. Utilizing Analytical Intelligence (AI) technologies, and featuring the most advanced performance features available, the New Nexera X3 will transform your workflows for maximum reliability, uptime, and efficiency.

Advantage of Nexera X3 
  • High-efficiency chromatography with 130 MPa (~19,000 psi) pressure tolerance and LPGE or HPGE solvent delivery
  • Ultra-fast injection cycles (7 sec) with the lowest carryover
  • High capacity sample handling with optional plate changer. Remarkably small footprint.

Vanquish Horizon UHPLC system (Thermofisher)

Technical Specification 
This integrated, fully biocompatible system provides you with unrivaled performance and throughput for applications requiring high-end UHPLC.

Advantage of Vanquish Horizon UHPLC system
  • Unsurpassed retention time and peak area precision
  • Highest detector sensitivity and lower baseline noise
  • Less maintenance and easy set-up with Thermo Scientific Viper Fingertight Fittings
  • Dedicated solutions for exceptional LC-MS performance

1290 Infinity II LC System (UHPLC- Agilent)

Technical Specification
The 1290 Infinity II LC System is an ultra-high performance LC that has market-leading sample capacity and is designed for the lowest dispersion for the most challenging ultra-HPLC experiments. The 1290 Infinity II LC system is designed to be both an HPLC and high-end UHPLC system in a single flow path, giving you robust and excellent performance no matter what application you are running while seamlessly integrating into your existing laboratory environment.