Illumina Nextera XT DNA Sequencing Library Preparation Kit

Nextera XT DNA Sample Preparation Kit 

enable the researchers to prepare sequence-ready libraries for small genomes, PCR amplicons, and plasmid in 90 minutes. The low amount (1ng) of input DNA makes this method amenable to precious samples available in limited quantities. The prepared library is compatible with all Illumina Sequencing technologies. 

Advantages of Nextera XT Kit include

Fastest and Easiet Sample Prep Workflow
Innovative Sample Normalization
Flexible Multiplexing

Standard Operation Procedure For Preparation of DNA Library

  • Tagmentation Genomic DNA include the fragmentation and tagging of DNA with adapter sequence
  • Amplification of  libraries using limited cycle PCR that adds i7 and i2 adapters and sequences required for sequencing cluster generation
  • Clean up libraries using single sided bead purification to purify amplified beads
  • Library Quality check 
  • Normalization of library quantity 
  • Diluting Library  for the sequencing system