MCQ on Coronavirus (Medical Microbiology) SARS-CoV, COVID-19

Multiple Choice Question on Coronavirus
1) The first case of coronavirus which causes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV) was found in Asia in 2003, which of the following country has the greatest number of confirmed death cases from the virus to date?
a. China
b. Brazil
c. USA
d. Italy

2) When was the first case of the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease-19) infection reported in the USA? Select from the options below
a. 2003
b. 2013
c. 2019
d. 2020

3) Which of the following virus may not show flu-like symptoms in humans?
a. Coronavirus
b. Rhinovirus
c. Rotavirus
d. Influenza virus

4) Which of the following statement is NOT true about the important properties of Coronavirus?
a. Non-Enveloped RNA virus
b. Enveloped RNA virus
c. Distributed around the world
d. Can spread from person to person

5) Coronavirus can cause gastroenteritis in animals. True or False?
a. True
b. False

6) Which of the following group of people are at a higher risk of mortality during the COVID-19 infections?
a. Pregnant women
b. Kids 5-10 years old
c. Men 30- 50 years old
d. Older population

7) There is no proper treatment available for the SARS caused by a coronavirus, which of the following are NOT the preventive measures to stop the spread of the virus from one person to another?
a. Quarantine of the infected person
b. Travel restriction to the epidemic area
c. Proper laboratory clothing with mask, gloves, and goggles by a health care worker
d. Vaccination during the cold seasons

8) The recent outbreak of coronavirus infection in many countries has led it to be classified as a pandemic, an increasing number of deaths have been reported all over the world. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the infection caused by COVID-19?
a. Animal to human transmission have been found
b. Person to person transmission has not been found
c. SARS is a severe respiratory infection caused by a coronavirus
d. High fever, cold, and difficulty in breathing are the symptoms

9) The middle east respiratory syndrome (MERS) is the type of coronavirus, when was the first case of the virus reported?
a. 2003
b. 2020
c. 2012
d. 2019

10) The most likely source of the MERS-CoV to humans is.............?
a. Dogs
b. Fishes
c. Camels
d. Birds

11) Which of the following is NOT the most common type of symptoms for infection caused by the coronavirus?
a. High fever and chills
b. Cough
c. Difficulty in breathing
d. Vomiting
e. Loss of taste or smell
f. Sore throat

12) Which of the following is NOT the proper specimen for the identification of SARS-CoV?
a. Nasal secretions
b. Urine
c. Blood
d. Stool

13) Which of the following country had the highest cases of COVID-19 infections other than the USA and Brazil in the year 2020?
a. India
b. Italy
c. Mexico
d. Spain
e. Russia
f. China

14) New York had the most cases of deaths reported in the USA from COVID-19, how many people all over the country had been reported to be infected in the year 2020?
a.  10 million
b. < 15 million
c. > 15 million
d. 15 million

15) Which of the following is seen as a potential drug for the treatment of COVID-19?
a. Peramivir
b. Acyclovir
c. Remdesivir
d. Tamiflu

16) According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA, more than 70 percent of the people dying from COVID-19 in 2020 were in which of the following age group?
a. 50 years and below
b. 65 years and above
c. 45 years and above
d. 50 years and above

17) In 2020 more than 80 million people were found to be COVID-19 positive worldwide, about how many confirmed death cases were reported globally?
a.  3 million
b. < 200,000
c. < 100,000
d. < 1.5 million

18) Which of the following disease was the recent pandemic disease seen in the last 25 years?
a. 2009 H1N1 
b. 2014 H5
c. 1994 Plague
d. None of the above

19) The origin of the coronavirus strain causing SARS and MERS has been isolated from bats, which of the following animal have been found to be the possible host for the COVID-19 that was first transmitted to humans in China?
a. Ducks
b. Rats
c. Cows
d. None of the above

20) ................ alcohol is found to be the most effective disinfectant for the COVID-19 virus
a. 50 % - 60 %
b. Methyl 
c. 60% -70 %
d. 40% - 50%

21) The spread of Covid-19 was declared a pandemic in early 2020, according to the different health authorities around the world (WHO/ CDC, etc.) what preventive measures should be taken by the symptomatic as well as asymptomatic people to stay safe and help stop or reduce the spread of the virus? 
a. Use of a mask to cover the mouth and nose outside of the house  
b. Washing hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds
c. Maintaining the distance of  6 feet from other people in public places
d. Isolation/quarantine at home when Covid-19 symptoms appear
f. Use of hand sanitizer with an alcohol concentration of 60 - 70 %
g. All of the above

22) The study on coronavirus has shown that the virus remains active outside the host cell and enters the respiratory tract through the mucous membranes, the virus shows sensitivity to all of the following agents, EXCEPT?
a. UV light
b. Hot water
c. Sunlight
d. Very low temperature

23) In 2020 an increasing number of children hospitalized in different parts of  Europe and the USA were suspected of COVID-19 positive. The infected children had the symptoms of "pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome", experts suggest that the symptoms likely resemble which of the following condition?
a. Influenza
b. Kawasaki disease   
c. Marasmus disease
d. Toxic shock syndrome

24) In May 2020 one of the pharmaceutical companies from the USA announced that Food and drug administration (FDA) have approved and allowed it to start the phase 2 trial of a potential vaccine for COVID-19. Phase 2 trials are assessed to observe the efficacy of the vaccine, which of the following is the most correct statement about the phase 2 trial of the vaccines?
a. Few number volunteers who are at risk are given the determined doses of the drug
b. Few groups of individuals are given a very small dose of the new drug 
c. Small groups of volunteers are given multiple doses of the drug
d. The efficiency and safety of the drug after it is available in the market is tested during this phase
e. A large group of volunteers including the people at risk are given the determined dose of the drug

25) A 21-year-old male, working in a grocery store in California during the COVID-19 pandemic, suddenly developed a high fever, fatigue, and body ache similar to the symptoms of regular flu/common cold. He is suspected of COVID-19 by his doctor, since he had mild symptoms the doctor recommended him to stay in isolation at home and asked only to visit the hospital if the symptoms get worse such as difficulty in breathing. All of the following statements are true about the diagnosis process of the COVID-19, EXCEPT?
a. Nasal swab, throat swab, and saliva can be taken as a sample for the detection of the virus
b. The samples taken immediately after the exposure to the virus may give false-negative test results
c. A blood test is the primary diagnostic test for the identification of the virus
d. RT-PCR technique is used as a diagnostic test for the identification of the virus

26) All of the following are the personal protective equipment (PPE) a health care provider should wear when handling and testing both confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients. Select all the correct answers
a.  Gloves
b. N95 mask
c. Eye protector
d. Gown
e. All of the above

27) The use of masks has been found to be an effective safety precaution in reducing the spread of COVID-19 infection, it is one of the essential preventive measures for people around the world. All of the following are the correct practices to use the mask, Except?
a. Respirator masks and N95 masks should be used by health care workers 
b. Mask should not be worn loosely and it should cover your mouth, chin, and nose 
c. Person tested negative for COVID-19 may not require mask in grocery stores     
d. Always handle the strap of the mask while wearing or removing it from the face
e. Must wash hands before and after use of the mask
f. Damp or wet fabric masks can be reused after a wash

28) The first COVID-19 vaccine was authorized by the FDA for the public in 2020, it has been known that China and Russia have been fast-tracking the testing phase trials of vaccine and reached phase 3 trials, which other countries have approved and authorized the vaccine for COVID-19?
a. India
b. United Kingdom    
c. Australia
d. England

29) Which of the following statements is not true regarding one of the first approved vaccines for COVID-19 by the FDA?
a. The single dose of vaccine is sufficient
b. The vaccine dose can be given to 16 and older
c. Mild to moderate side effects are common
d. It is an mRNA type vaccine

30) Which of the following country was the first to authorize the Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine in 2020?
a. USA
b. Russia
c. China
d. UK
e. Italy

1-c) The USA
2-d) 2020
3-c) Rotavirus
4-a) Non enveloped RNA virus
5-a) True
6-d) All of the above
7-d) Vaccination during the cold seasons
8-b) Person to person transmission has not been found
9-c) 2012
10-c) Camels
11-d) Brown spots around the face
12-b) Urine
13-a) India
14-b) < 15 million
15-c) Remdesivir
16-b) 65 years and above
17-d)< 1.5 million
18-a) 2009 H1N1
19-d) None of the above
20-c) 60% - 70 %
21- g)
22- d)
23- b)
24- d)
25- c)
26- e)
27- c)
28- b)
29- a)
30- d)

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