MCQs on Molecular Biology (Basic concepts and techniques): Biochemistry

Multiple Choice Questions on 
Molecular Biology Techniques
1) DNA is the polydeoxynucleotides that contain mono-deoxynucleotides namely dAMP, dGMP, dCMP, dTMP. 
Which one of the following is NOT true regarding DNA?
a) DNA is double-stranded.
b) The nucleotides are covalently linked by 3'-5' phosphodiester bond.
c) Both strands of DNA are arranged parallel.
d) DNA has a helical structure.

2) Phosphodiester bonds are cleaved by nucleases a group of enzymes present in the cells. Which of the following is FALSE about nucleases?
a) Nucleases catalyze the hydrolytic cleavage of the phosphodiester linkages.
b) Nucleases can be exonuclease and endonucleases.
c) Exonucleases cleave the chain by removing individual nucleotides from the 3' or 5' end.
d) Exonucleases cleave the chain randomly between any nucleotides.

3) Chromatin is a structural complex present in eukaryotes. The chromatin consists of the following components, EXCEPT:
a) DNA
b) RNA
c) Histone proteins
d) None of the Above  

4) The plasmids are the extrachromosomal materials that serve the following function, EXCEPT
a) May carry genes responsible for antibiotic resistance
b) May facilitate the genetic information transfer
c) Necessary for cell replication and division
d) None of the above

5) Which of the following is not the core submit of the octamer histone protein?
a) H1

6) Which of the following process does not occur in prokaryotes?
a) Replication
b) Splicing
c) Conjugation

7) Among them, which is the “palindrome” Sequence?
a) 5’-GATTAC-3’
b) 5’-GCATTA-3’
c) 5’-GAATTC-3’
d) 5’-GTCTAA-3’

8) The base that is not present in the RNA coding sequence is...................................
a) Adenine
b) Guanine
c) Thiamine
d) Cytosine

9) Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization techniques are used for the detection of...................................
a) Cholesterol
b) Glycoprotein
c) Chromosome
d) Glycogen

10) Southern Blot is used to detect......................................
a) RNA
b) DNA
c) Proteins
d) Chromosomes

11) Which of the following is not the cloning vector utilized in recombinant DNA technology?
a) Plasmid
b) Cosmids
c) Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes
d) Yeast Intact chromosomes

12) Which of the following term is not true regarding restriction enzymes used in recombinant DNA technology?
a) They are site-specific
b) They recognize palindromic sequences
c) They are ATP-dependent nucleases
d) They are endonucleases

13) Which of the following libraries provides information about functional genomics?
a) DNA library
b) cDNA library
c) RNA library
d) Protein library

14) Which of the following DNA technology is used to identify the suspects in the criminal investigation?
a) Western blot
b) Southern blot
c) Northern blot
d) RFLP (Restriction fragment length polymorphism)

15) Which of the following DNA technology is used for the amplification of DNA in vitro?
a) Polymerase Chain Reaction
b) Restriction Analysis
c) Northern blot
d) Southern blot

16) The blotting technique which is used to detect the RNA in a sample is.................................
a) Southern blotting
b) Eastern blotting
c) Northern blotting
d) Western blotting

1-c) Both strands of DNA are arranged parallel
2-d) Exonucleases cleave the chain randomly between any nucleotides
3-b) RNA 
4-c) Necessary for cell replication and division
5-a) H1
6-b) Splicing
7-d) 5’-GTCTAA-3’
8-c) Thiamine
9-a) Chromosome
10-b) DNA
11-d) Yeast Intact chromosomes
12-c) They are ATP dependent nucleases
13-b) cDNA library
14-d) RFLP 
15-a) Polymerase Chain Reaction
16-c) Northern blotting